Memory Hook The Times Tables

Hi everyone!!! My name is Tootsie Two. Some people say I am a bit of a goody two shoes but really all I want to do is help people!

I am so glad you have found the Memory Hook World because now I can help YOU - with your Maths!! Well it won’t just be me helping you. It will be me and all my friends… Freddy Four, Roly Poly Cuddly Eight, Frankie Five and, oh well, EVERYBODY!

It is our mission to make Maths FUN and I mean REALLY FUN!! It’s all about singing and dancing and playing. You don’t have to work at all. All the learning goes into your head by MAGIC! All you have to do is listen to the funny songs as often as you can, dance and play and sing along!

When you do that you will find that the multiplication and division number bonds that can seem so hard to learn in NORMAL lessons, just slip inside your head and make themselves at home there. You will soon find that you have a really good grasp of what numbers mean including all the multiplications and divisions of The Times Tables, but also tricky stuff like factors, square numbers, fractions and decimals will start to make a lot more sense.

Now doesn’t that sound Fantastic? I told you I was a helpful little cookie!!!

Welcome to the magical world of MEMORY HOOK!

Tootsie two