About the Creators of Memory Hook

Damien Bishop

"Memory Hook The Times Tables was my idea! I wrote the stories, did the illustrations, wrote many of the songs and sing a bit on the recording. Oh, and I do some of the funny voices too."

Damien Bishop

Creator/ Story & Song Writer / Illustrator / Singer / ...

I have been a teacher, mainly in primary schools, since 1980 but I also have experience teaching at secondary level. I have spent 14 years teaching children with Special Educational Needs and I have a B.Ed from Leeds University, a Diploma in Special Education from The Open University and an M.A. in Education also from The Open University. What keeps me passionate about Education is a combination of my love of people, and my love of problem solving! I like working out what it is that holds students back. To this end I used another of my life’s joys, amateur acting! I called upon all I had learnt from that about memorising, to help students learn their times tables. Why? Because I want students to feel happy, relaxed and confident and to realise that Maths is a beautiful language through which they can unlock some of the doors in our amazing universe!

"I'm an actress, singer, writer and part of the creative team behind Memory Hook The Times Tables!"

Grace Bishop

Actress / Singer / Writer

I wrote lots of the songs and you can hear my voice on many of the recordings as well! I am always being creative and coming up with ideas but I am not a natural Maths whizz by any means!!! In fact, it wasn't until becoming part of this project that I felt I really knew my times tables. I think a lot of adults feel the same way! If you'd like to know more about me check out my blog, where I talk about everything from being an actress to my travelling adventures and if you'd like to approach me in a professional capacity, you can find me on the actors database.

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"I am an actor and musician, who has worked on productions such as Jersey Boys at the Piccadilly Theatre, London, and the Les Miserables Movie."

Joe Bishop

Actress / Singer / Writer

I helped musically arrange the Memory Hook songs, and you can hear me tinkling on the piano, strumming the guitar, and warbling away on many of these tracks. It was an absolute joy to create these little ditties, and I hope people have a just as much fun listening to them as we had making them, as well as learning a thing or two about the times tables along the way 🙂

"I wish maths was this much fun when I was at school..."

Colin Garvey


In addition to producing/recording/mixing/mastering this project, I play various instruments and do a bit of singing. This was my first job as hired producer. It was great fun, but something of a challenge. Every track is completely different! From crooning ballads to rockabilly to Les-Miserables-style marching anthems, we had a great time playing with different musical ideas, and I think you can hear that sense of fun and freedom when you listen to the finished product. I wish maths was this much fun when I was at school...

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